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What is it about free slot machines that gets me so excited? I think its just a reminder of all of the excitement of real slot machines, mixed in with the excitement of knowing I'm not going to blow my paycheck! To try our own free slot machines (yup, there's more than one to choose from) just click on the graphic below:

I've been asking our visitors for years what makes them seek out free slot machines to play. It's just a social curiosity of mine, but it seems as though, basically these are real slots fans who just don't have a local gaming parlor to visit and who can't make it to Vegas whenever they feel like a spin. I've also found that the people who find my free slot machines fun, often also like the built in chat, and after a few months, it's more about coming back to chat with friends than it is about finding a reel to spin. Of course, perhaps it's just that we've found a magical combination, free slot machines and great friends!

You wont find free slots in any casino, any hotel, any racetrack or roadside diner, not in a single airport, or even an off-track betting parlor, no sir, you'll only find free slot machines on the Internet. So to meet some new people and have a spin on our free slot machines, don't hesitate, sign up today, it's free, it's easy, and it's a heck of a lot of fun!

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