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Sim slots (short for simulated slots) are the best little thing to ever come out of a computer programmer, I guarantee my sim slots friends would agree. The concept of playing a virtual slot machine is actually among the earliest inventions on computers. Blackjack was one of the first interactive computer games, but programmers soon realized that slots junkies like myself would love the opportunity to spin reels from home, without risking our dollars.

The solution? Sim slots of course! Give 'em a simulated spin, it's almost as good as the real thing! Honestly though, the first sim slots were pretty rudimentary, colorless, silent programs that we really couldn't have cared less about. But, advances in graphics technology, among other things, has lent itself well to the creation of some truly dynamic sim slot machines for us to enjoy. As you might know, the best graphics are in the real land-based casinos. A close second is a good online casino software package, these sim slots will look really good, and sound really good, and yes, you can even win real money from them.

Third down the ladder would be games like the ones we offer for free ourselves. Click here for our free games. These sim slots have decent graphics and sounds, but aren't as immersive as you'll find in a professional online casino software package. To try some of the best real online casino packages out there, browse these sites:

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