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Slot Machine Secrets

Slot machine secret 1 - Assume all slot machines are the same. There are fancy ones, and there are not so fancy ones, but on the insides, they're all alike.

Slot machine secret 2 - Slots strategies don't really work. There is no strategy that increases the chances of a machine paying out. Some will tell you to only play with full coins, that's simply a decision you'll have to make.

Slot machine secret 3 - All events, winning and losing, are controlled by a random number generator which is impossible to cheat. Unless you're trying to trick it into thinking you've put coins in when you haven't, don't bother trying to figure out a machine.

Slot machine secret #4 - Stick with three reel machines, they give you the best chance of hitting a jackpot.

Loose Slots & Odds - What's the secret to finding loose slots? Some say loose slots don't exist, some insist they do, especially the ones located closest to the more-trafficked section of a casino. Why this assumption? It is believed by some that if they are placed where people walk by, they will generate excitement and interest for others when they see someone winning. Don't know how true this really is but you should definitely try this theory for yourself. Assume all slot machines are the same, then evaluate a few over a good time period of playing.

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