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Slot Machine Strategy

Is there such a thing as slot machine strategy? Many would say no. I would too, but this would be an awfully short page. So now let me think, now, let, me, think, about what I can say about slot machine strategy.

Well, first off, you have to decide between playing one coin, two coins, seventy-five coins, or max coins. This is pretty much the only decision you even get to make at the slot machine, strategy of kicking the machine repeatedly aside. So what should you do? Well, consider me an expert and listen to what I have to say about what you should do: do whatever you want. Sure, it's true, that big fancy jackpot may only be available if you happened to put in max coins when you spin, and it's true, you might hit what would otherwise be a winning line and not get paid a thing if you only have one coin in. But is this enough incentive to triple your bankroll? Basically, that comes down to why you're playing slots in the first place.

If you are playing because it's a part of your retirement plan to hit the jackpot and be set for life, then, well, good luck to you, you're gonna need it. If, however, you're like me and simply enjoy the spin of the reels, perhaps the free drinks, and maybe you actually enjoy cigar smoke (no, I don't, but what can I do? Other than play online) then it doesn't really matter too much if you play full coins. The jackpot would be nice, but the play and small wins along the way are where the real fun is. Sure, you should put yourself on a machine where the top prize available to a single coin player would be real fun to win, that way you can't be too disappointed.

People talk a lot about finding a good machine over a bad machine as the basis for their slot machine strategy. I've yet to observe any consistently bad areas in Vegas casinos, and I certainly haven't noticed any hot spots, trust me, I'd notice that, and so would about 500 other Las Vegas locals who keep their eyes peeled for just such patterns.

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