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On this page, I'm going to talk a little bit about the similarities and differences between online slots and the kind you'll find at a land based casino. To begin with, we have to think about the insides of both. Inside of a Las Vegas slot machine there are microchips, microprocessors, computer memory, circuits galore, and some software running over it all. Basically a Vegas slot machine is an individual computer housed in a very, very fancy computer case.

What about online slots? It's hard to picture how you would look 'inside' online slots exactly, but let's discuss the reality of the situation. The reason why online gambling is so apt at skirting the law in the United States is because the actual 'betting' portion of the games is said to take place on the online casino's servers, which are physically located outside of the country. So when we think about online slots, we have to think about the server running the program in another country, and our own computer running from our living room. Our own computer is just the interface to the game in another country. Both have the circuits and microchips, and both the server, and your own machine, are running software. This is called a client-server connection, and in essence it's this type of computer connection that allows the Internet as a whole to operate.

So if we're both running software over microchips, is there really any difference between online slots and casino slots at all? The most honest answer, is no, there really is no difference. Of course, the software had to be programmed by a human at some point, so it's possible that one piece of software is programmed to hit more jackpots than the other, but in essence, if you can find out the payback percentage of an online slots game, it should be perfectly comparable to that of a land based game.

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